Bernd designed the facility to encompass the panoramic ocean and mountain views.   Estelle is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in cardiac, critical, emergency, geriatric and palliative care.  She will work closely with you, your health practitioner and her team to ensure that you receive optimal care.

Our nursing staff are all specially trained to serve you at Little Mountain Manor Nursing Home. They have the dedication and reliability needed to provide senior healthcare services with the highest  standard of quality and commitment you  deserve.

Licensed by VIHA under the Community care and assisted living act

Registered nurse in private practice

Active member of the College of Registered Nurses Association of BC

Active member of Gerontological Nurses Association of BC

Certificate of Victoria Hospice Medical Intensive Palliative Care

Certificate of Basic and Advanced Foot Care from Malaspina College

Certificate of Gerontolgy from Malaspina College

Certificate of Small Business Management from Malaspina College

CPR and Advanced Cardiac Life Saving Certificates

Immunization Nurse in the Community

Since 1997, Estelle and her staff have cared for over 100 clients                                                 

   At Little Mountain Manor, we believe in person centered care - we are here for you.

- owner-operators of Little Mountain Manor, live on site. 

They welcome you not only into their home,        but into their hearts.

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Nursing care is provided by well trained staff who will treat you with dignity and respect. You will receive individualized quality care. All care will be supervised by the RN Manager. She will continuously assess and monitor any health changes that you may have. A comprehensive approach will be used to plan your individualized care. That plan will be communicated to other staff members including objectives that are tailored to your abilities and needs. The RN Manager will act as your advocate by coordinating activities that you are involved in and intervening in any situation that she may believe is or could be harmful for you. She will also work closely with you, your family and other health care professionals to provide you with an integrated care system.

Little Mountain is

Wheelchair Accessible!

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